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The Pain Service

In the event an interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary approach to pain management has been recognised as suitable for your patient/client, then The Pain Service is a suitable organisation to undertake such an approach.

You can call or email The Pain Service for a quotation for an initial assessment, which will be undertaken by both our psychological therapists and physiotherapist and this will be immediately responded to.

In the event you are unsure whether we are an appropriate treatment service for your patient/client then we are happy to review any reports and advise you in this respect.

Once funding for the assessment has been agreed and a confirmed instruction for assessment is forwarded, this will immediately be allocated to our therapists. We will advise you of the name and clinic location of the therapists along with the distance from your patient/client.

Please enclose with the referral any additional information that you have about your patient/client’s pain problems and treatment requirements, including the outcome of any investigations (X-rays/MRI scans/blood tests) and any information or reports about previous treatments. This may save further expense in the event such investigations are deemed necessary in arriving at appropriate treatment recommendations.

The designated therapists will contact your client to arrange individual assessments, which will be undertaken within close proximity of each other although not necessarily at the same time or at the same clinic location.

The therapists will prepare their individual assessments, prior to liaising with each other in respect to arriving at specific treatment recommendations.

A comprehensive but concise assessment report will be provided with treatment recommendations which will include a combination of (but not limited to):

  • Psychological therapies
  • Physiotherapies, with recommendations for musculoskeletal techniques and/or chronic pain techniques as appropriate
  • The Pain Management Plan
  • Further diagnostic investigations
  • An assessment by a Consultant in Pain Medicine
  • Occupational therapy
  • Employment advice
  • An exercise programme, such as a time limited membership to a sports facility to support the pain management programme
  • Other

Each aspect of our treatment programme will be individually costed, however, the programme must be accepted as a whole as recommended by our experts.

Once funding for the recommended treatment programme has been agreed, our therapists will immediately undertake this, and will co-ordinate their individual approaches suitably to address the patient/client’s treatment needs.

Interim update reports will be available if required.

On discharge, all therapists involved in the patient/client’s treatment will prepare an individual discharge report although an overall summary of the outcome of the intervention will be provided by the Case Supervisor.

Treatment will be invoiced on discharge.