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Pain Management Programme (TPS-PMP)Pain Management Programme

The Pain Service is committed to providing an individually tailored approach to our clients who are experiencing chronic or persistent pain.

The Pain Service recognises that an easily accessible interdisciplinary approach to pain management would be of great benefit to our clients, offering prompt access to physical and psychological treatments for chronic pain sufferers within their home locality. This is a cost effective solution to pain management that incorporates the essential features of a pain management programme with an individually designed pain management plan.

The Pain Service – Pain Management Programme offers:

  • Joint assessment of pain management requirements via a physiotherapist and psychological therapist
  • An individually designed pain management plan to fully address both physical and psychological factors which is drawn up collaboratively between the two disciplines
  • Each treatment plan will be presented in a clear and concise report, identifying problem areas and treatment requirements
  • Treatment is provided by either both or one of the two disciplines according to the client’s needs
  • Treatment focuses on a self management approach to pain, utilising The Pain Management Plan, a newly developed self-help manual, within the course of the therapies
  • Outcome is measured in terms of the person’s level of functioning, sense of well-being and occupation using both subjective and standardised measures
  • Quality control is maintained at all stages through close monitoring of the appropriateness of referrals and progress throughout the course of treatment