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Who we treat

The Pain Service offers both assessment and treatment for all pain patients, whether their problems be acute or long term.

However, the main focus of our area of specialism is in the provision of interdisciplinary pain management programmes for those who are experiencing persistent pain that has been unresponsive to date to normal physical and pharmacological approaches to pain relief.

It is anticipated that most clients who will be referred to our service will already have had some medical input either via the patient’s GP or other specialist consultants, such as in orthopaedics, where a number of different investigations will have been carried out such as Xrays, MRI scans and blood tests. The results of such investigations should be included with any referral to our services.

Subsequent to such investigations, The Pain Service will be able to offer appropriate intervention where recommendations have been made for an interdisciplinary or multi disciplinary approach to pain management to address the patient’s problems.

Our work is mainly orientated to patients with moderate long term pain problems and where the patients will benefit from a community based pain management programme and where a combined psychological and physical approach to pain management is deemed appropriate.

Throughout our intervention, we will liaise closely with the patient’s GP or other treatment provider in respect to any additional treatment needs or investigations the patient may require.

Whilst our core treatment approaches focus upon the intervention of both physiotherapy and psychological therapy, in the event more expert advice is required in respect to the medical management of the patient’s pain, then we have access to a team of Consultants in Pain Medicine who we can refer to as required.

Similarly, we also have access to Occupational Therapists and Employment Consultants if such additional services are required.