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The Pain Service

The ethos of The Pain Service is to provide a service of excellence that is a person centred and cost effective solution for the treatment of sufferers of chronic pain based in the client’s own community.

Using an interdisciplinary model of pain management, The Pain Service focuses its treatment on the interaction between physical and psychological aspects of pain. The core treatment is undertaken by expert psychological therapists and physiotherapists experienced in working with chronic pain. However, additional specialist services are available as required, including Consultants in Pain Medicine, Occupational Therapists and Employment Advisors, to complement the treatment process that is individually tailored toward our client’s needs.

The Pain Service has an extensive network of psychological therapists (Clinical Psychologists/CBT Psychotherapists) and specialist Physiotherapists experienced in the treatment of chronic pain and available nationwide.

The aim of The Pain Service

... is to enable our clients to live more adaptively with their pain, have a greater understanding about how to manage their problems and to achieve an enhanced quality of life.

Our services provide:

  • A community based solution to pain management available nation-wide
  • One to one intervention 
  • Joint assessment by specialist physiotherapists and psychological therapists experienced in pain management
  • Clear and concise interdisciplinary assessment and discharge reports
  • Individually tailored pain management programmes
  • Co-ordinated intervention by physiotherapists and psychological therapists
  • Availability of a range of physical therapies via our team of physiotherapists
  • Focused psychological therapies to address issues such as depression, anxiety and trauma based problems that might impact upon the success of the Pain Management Programme
  • Access to alternative specialist resources to complement the treatment programme
  • Robust quality control measures